Diced Cube Ice

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Ideal for mixed drinks • carbonated beverages • ice dispensing • ice displays • ice retailing • banquet services

  • Common, recognizeable ice form
  • Small diced cube has favorable liquid displacement
  • Choose the size that best suits customer’s needs

Nugget Ice

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Ideal for bar fountain beverage • blended cocktails • salad bars •produce displays • therapeutic uses

  • Versatile, slow melting ice
  • Cools drinks rapidly without foaming
  • Ideal for therapeutic use and patient care
  • High liquid displacement = increased profits

Flaked Ice

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Ideal for produce • seafood, meat displays • blended cocktails • salad bars • therapeutic uses

  • Dry flakes cool more quickly than other ice forms
  • Molds to any shape for use in displays and salad bars
  • Ideal for health care facility use in therapeutic/patient care