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As the central and northern Alabama distributor for Scotsman Ice Systems, Icemakers offers a full line of Scotsman commercial and domestic ice making equipment. Visit the Scotsman website.

The sheer number of equipment options available for ice makers, storage and dispensing can be overwhelming at first. After all, you’re probably thinking, “I just need something to freeze water.” Depending on several factors, we can help you identify the equipment that best meets your needs. One useful starting point is the environment that the equipment will be used in. Scotsman produces equipment with each of the following industries in mind.

Coca-Cola and Five Guys are now using the CO722 machine.


Five Guys

Hospitals / Medical

Special considerations must be made for ice used in medical settings. We have all the appropriate equipment including nugget ice for packing and sterile “touch free” dispensers. This equipment complies with the spirit of the Americans With Disabilities Act. We even make the chutes on these units easy to remove and clean. Our Prodigy line even includes built-in antimicrobial protection.

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Hotel guests expect ice. It’s that simple. Our reliable iceValet machines are perfect for the demand at hotels and the quality that is expected. They feature self-monitoring technology and are designed for easy access for servicing. The dispenser opening is large enough to accommodate the biggest hotel ice bucket and is available with an optional coin/token mechanism.

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Multi-Use Equipment

For unique applications we can help calculate ice quantity needs , recommend the best form, assess the space available and recommend equipment accordingly. We have plenty of equipment that will serve multiple environments and we have the experts on staff available to help you choose what’s right for you. Contact us today at our Birmingham or Chattanooga locations.

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Restaurants / Retail

From self service and drive-through applications to back of house units for wait staff and bartenders, we provide ice making equipment for every aspect of the restaurant industry, including flake ice for salad bars, meat markets and beverage display. We understand that beverage is expected to be a high yielding profit center and offer options that customers prefer, like crunchy nugget ice and barrel-shaped gourmet ice. Scotsman offers more choices than any other manufacturer. Whatever type of beverages you serve, from soft drinks to smoothies, cocktails to coffee drinks, we offer a smart machine built to meet your needs.

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Schools / Universities

Schools are busy places with unique needs. Scotsman has high capacity ice machines with dispensers that can keep up with the large quantity and quick turnover. We offer the machines that can assist in meeting the new Federal Guidelines for schools regarding serving 100% juice products. Icemakers also offers product to serve from the machines and has the staff to answer any of your questions regarding the new regulations.

For laboratories, our TouchFree ice machines offer true, nonmechanical one-hand operation and comply with the most stringent requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation and the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These units can produce your choice of flake ice, nugget ice or cubelets.

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Essential Ice

The Essential covers all your ice cube needs with ease. Made in America, these easy-to-use machines save space with a slide up door while making the most of every trip with a large access area and standard dishwasher-safe scoop. All our machines are environmentally friendly, but the Essential also uses a refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. The optional floor mount kit allows for installation under 34″ Americans with Disabilities Act countertops

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